Ingredients For Optimizing Every Web PAge
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Ingredients to Optimizing Every Web Page

Websites are considered an excellent source of lead generation in the current digitalized world. With the help of useful sites businesses can provide prospects with all that they are looking for online. Most websites are filled with high-quality content that includes reviews, tutorials, videos, product descriptions and much more. However, many content marketers fail to understand the importance of less-visited pages like help and about us pages.

It’s true that these pages receive the least number of visitors, but you still need to optimize these pages as well. These pages are also filled with valuable and useful content so you can target readers with attractive CTA’s. If you maintain a habit of adding your keywords on these pages, they will also rank, and you’ll have higher chances of generating a lead even from less-visited web pages.

Note: Regardless of the traffic on a particular page, all of them need to have target keywords and eye-catchy CTAs.

Keyword Focused Content

Many ecommerce business owners often miss out on using SEO lead generation techniques in their marketing strategy. To be precise, SEO for B2B and B2C is not an add-on, it’s actually a crucial aspect for organic lead generation.

You can’t expect to see a rise in your online sales until you increase SEO traffic. SEO should be at the core of how you implement other digital marketing techniques like content production, social strategy and web development.

If you aren’t entirely familiar with what SEO does, then I’d like to make it clear that this digital marketing strategy helps merely your web pages reach the top of every search related to your targeted keywords. When you have ranked anywhere on the first page, your click-through rate has a better chance of rising.

Keywords are your ticket to getting ranked on major search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, all your web pages need to focus on a primary keyword that you want people to search your page with. There are two types of keywords you can use for a webpage.

· Traditional SEO

Traditional keywords are common phrases and words people use to search a website or a particular product. E.g. ‘cheap sports shoes’ or ‘best place to go for a vacation.’ Such phrases will show many sites that have almost the same information, but the ones that you see on top are ranked due to the quality of their content.

· Branded Keywords

These keywords refer only to a particular company’s product or a specific brand. E.g., Nike Shoes or ‘Puma Sports Gear.’ These keywords are usually only used by businesses that sell these products. Apart from that, it’s easier to look for the exact product you want with branded keywords. You can use these keywords for about and help pages as they’ll be easier to place.

Lead Generators and CTA’s

· Email Captures

A great way to generate leads is by asking readers to subscribe by providing their email addresses. You can use these IDs to promote your products and also inform your readers about new and upcoming offers. Add an attractive popup on all web pages that ask the reader to subscribe.

You can also offer something in return for subscribing, like a special discount or free tutorials and demo videos that convince your reader to purchase your goods or services.

· CTA at the End of Every Web page

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are highly crucial for conversions to take place. Even if you succeed in getting many leads to your website, you still may not be able to increase your rate of conversion due to lack of call-to-actions. Use a unique text and color for your CTA and make sure it is added to every web page of your site.

· Keep it Simple and Modest

One thing that you should always keep in mind is to maintain the level of readability of your content. You wouldn’t want readers scratching their head on every technical point you have written. Therefore create content in a simple, modest and understandable manner.

· Refrain From Spammy Content

One thing that’ll definitely scare off visitors from your website is content that looks spammy. There’s a limit to everything, and that also includes promoting your products. If you merely ask the readers to buy your product after every paragraph, they may not even take the time to read or go through the whole page and bounce off to a competitor’s site.

Lead generators and CTAs should be strategically placed in places where you’d expect it to be. Try to think as a reader, and you’ll understand how not to make it look obvious that all you care about is making a sale.

About Page

Though it’s a low-visited page, it can be called the background of your whole website. Usually, visitors who appreciate your work open the About Us page to learn more about the writer or the company. You can use this page to interact with visitors by introducing your business, sharing past milestones and showing them your business objectives.

You can also add a contact form or a CTA. This will help potential customers to easily convert or reach out to you without going to other pages. You can even ask the reader to subscribe by providing their email address, which can be used to provide updates and latest offers.

Help Page

Help pages are created to provide visitors with any sorts of assistance they may need. However, if you want your help page to perform up to the mark, you should add FAQs and tutorials in it. You can even add a CTA on this page as the chances are that many consumers will click a try now or buy now button out of satisfaction for your informative and helpful content. To enhance the value of this page, you can also produce how-tos. Both Google and your audience appreciate this type of content. However, make sure that the content you offer is both relevant and authentic.

Under Construction/404

Just because your website is going through a renovation process or a new one is being developed, it doesn’t mean you can’t still use it to generate leads. You should inform your customers that the site is under construction and make them realize that you are sorry for the inconvenience with 404 pages. In addition, a ‘subscribe now’ CTA on that page will build a good contact list for you and create hype for the new website.  However, once your site is live, you need to make sure that you tell all your subscribers via email that you are back in action.

Apart from that, you can also use social platforms to inform and invite all your potential prospects regarding your next and improved look.  While doing that, engage with your visitors by asking for feedback related to your new features, website design or anything else relevant.

Keep It Simple

Many websites use the 2-step and 3-step pop up feature to capture leads. Though the 3-step popup generates a higher rate of engagement, the 2-step still leads to more conversions. The reason is that you can never be annoying to your visitors. The more steps or pages potential clients have to see, the more frustrated they’ll get. Before making such a decision, you should always put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Imagine how you’d feel if you had to go through annoying pop ups that require several clicks to reach any conclusion. Therefore, keep it short, keep it simple and don’t waste their time.

Wrap Up

Websites are excellent lead generators, but many content marketers and business owners fail to utilize this opportunity by making it too apparent that all they care about is conversions. When visitors land on your site you need to try and win their trust and interest first. Once you have that, they’ll inevitably become a lead and share your useful and interesting content within their circle.

All pages of a website are crucial, and you need to make sure you optimize all of them with keywords and attractive CTAs. However, this isn’t a one-off shot. Once you are done optimizing your web pages, you need to maintain them as well. You should check all the content on your site every once in a while to make sure it’s updated. In addition, slight changes in design and colors also make our website look fresh, and this habit will also reduce the risk of users getting bored of seeing the same old style every day.

Author Bio

Beatrice McGraw is a digital marketing expert who works for ExportHub – An Online B2B Marketplace specialized in connecting Chinese suppliers with Buyers. She just loves to share her knowledge with the world in the form of blogs, videos and various other types of content. In her free time, she is an active gamer and a tech wiz who adores researching innovative solutions that emerge in the digital world. Follow her on Twitter here: @McgrawBeatrice

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How To Take Excellent Product Photos With iPhone and Android
Written by Nielson B.

How To Take Excellent Product Photos With iPhone & Android

We all know that excellent product photos entice us as shoppers to take action.  The same is true for people searching for your product or service.  You might feel like you don’t have the time to take product photos with your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

It can be fast and easy to take an extra couple of minutes after you finish a job to get excellent product photos to share on your site, social media, and Google listing.

In this guide we’ll show you how to take excellent product photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How To Take Product Photos With iPhone & Android

It’s easy to take excellent product photos with your iPhone or android mobile phone.  You put your best foot forward with each and every job you do.  Whatever line of work you’re in from ornamental iron worker to plumbers taking pictures of your completed work is important.  You can provide the best craftsmanship and service but search engines and potential customers will never know unless there’s photos of your work!

It’s easier than you might believe:

Cleaning The Product

While you may have just finished the installation there might be fingerprints, tape, or other blemishes.  You likely do this already, but a second look before you take your product photos ensures you get the best result.

Clean Your Work Area

Make sure you’ve cleaned up your installation, so it looks its best and any trash around the work area is removed.  Put away your tool as well to tell the story of how great your service is going to look.

Enough Light

One simple key to taking great photos is ensuring that your newly install countertop or finished hair color service is flattered with enough light.  When you’re indoors it’s all too easy for photos to be underexposed.  Provide enough light when taking your photo so that the photo turns out great!

Don’t Backlight

One big mistake is taking photos too near windows and having your smartphone measure the exposure by the brightness outdoors.  This will leave your work dim and harder to see.  Ensure that you center the frame on the item indoors you’re taking a photo of and your light metering will be much better.

Framing & Composition

While it’s tempting to get super close to what you’re photographing give your work some space to breathe.  Show your work with it’s surroundings and allow potential clients to imagine your work in their spaces.  If necessary you can crop down to just your installation. But likely can’t show back up at your customer’s home to take more photos.

Take Photos From Varied Perspectives

Show the different surfaces, sides, and perspectives of the work you do.  The more angles your work can be seen from the more potential clients can imagine your work in their life.

Before & After Photo Taking

Whether you’re a remodeling company, hair stylist, plumber, roofer, or other service you likely improve the appearance of someone or property with your work.

Seeing the transformation is powerful!

Take the photo from the same spot.  It can’t be overstressed to choose a spot to take both the before and after photos from.  The same spot and angle to make it easy to see how much of a difference your service has made in a space. Plan out in advance what perspective is going to tell that story best and make sure to take the after photo in exactly the same spot, facing the same direction.

Smartphone Photo Editing Software

If your photo was a little too dark, crooked, discolored, or you want to crop in to emphasize an element of your work there’s great photo editing software for smartphones.  You’ll be able to adjust things like brightness, contrast, straighten photos, fix yellowed lighting, and much more.

Mobile Photoshop Lightroom

If you want ultimate editing control you can shoot your photos in a file format called RAW.   This will allow you to adjust elements of your photo in Photoshop Lightroom with incredible control.  Best of all this is a free program that can save many photos that you’re not super proud of having taken.

Snapseed Photo Editor

Snapseed is an incredible smartphone photo editing software.  It will allow you to correct white balance (remove yellow light), increase or decrease light, and adjust things like contrast, crooked photos, crop out sections, heal sections, and add effects like blurs and more!

What Do I Do With Product Photos?

No one is going to see the product photos if they’re just on your phone.  They need to be uploaded to your Google listing and sent to your SEO specialists.  The photos need to be utilized to create greater excitement around your work.  When potential clients can see the stunning work you’ve done they will being to imagine your services in their lives.  This is the first step in transforming a browser into a buyer.

Local SEO Services

If you don’t know how to leverage great images of your work to promote your business online, or don’t have the time, we are here to help!  We welcome you to learn more about our web design, hosting, and local SEO services that will help you rank in search results, get found, and get more business!  To learn more about our SEO services please call us today!

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Why Most SEO Companies In Phoenix Suck
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Why Most SEO Companies In Phoenix Suck!

If you are searching for phrases like “SEO Company Phoenix” or “SEO Companies Phoenix”; one or more of the following statements is probably true about you or your business:

  • You are a business owner offering products or services in Phoenix, Arizona or surrounding cities
  • You own a website (or know you need one)
  • You want more traffic to your website (if you have one already) and heard that SEO or Search Engine Optimization can get you there
  • You want more qualified leads coming from online marketing efforts
  • You want to increase sales to your products and services
  • You want to be found for specific keywords related to your industry and service area
  • You want to increase your service area to include new cities in surrounding areas
  • You hired another SEO company that didn’t work out and now are looking for SEO services that actually work
  • or You want someone to manage your online presence so you can continue business as usual

If any of the above statements are true, then yes, a SEO company in Phoenix can definitely help you get that accomplished! However, you should know that NOT all SEO companies in Phoenix are created equal.

Why Most SEO Services In Phoenix Suck!

We are sorry to be so blunt about it but the statement is true. Our team here at WebTechs.Net truly loves to business owners win with online marketing and when we hear horror stories about other SEO companies in our neighborhood area giving SEO a bad name it doesn’t make us happy. We are in the business of offering SEO services that work and a lot of the time we get scared clients that left another SEO company to come to us for a consultation. Often these business owners experienced bad SEO and now are not sure whether it works and what SEO company to trust.

However, once we help the client understand why their SEO wasn’t working (only takes a little research to find missed and potential opportunities) and had time to implement our own strategies we rarely lose those clients because we fix the problem and implement content strategies and solutions that actually work!

Read more below about why most SEO services or companies don’t work out:

Most SEO’ers are Lazy

Most SEO companies will try their hardest to get your account but don’t do a whole lot once they get it. Most will create you a business listing, change the titles of your web pages and then put your account on autopilot. For some niche businesses this “set it and forget it” strategy actually works (believe it or not), especially if the business owner had no previous online exposure. However, for plumbers, lawyers, AC contractors or any other types of businesses that actually has competition, that same set it and forget strategy will get you nowhere fast. Most business categories in the Phoenix, Arizona area are extremely competitive and take a whole lot more than a single business listing to get rankings, and more importantly, keep them.

Don’t Add Or Create New Content

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see other companies making all the time. Every SEO’er should know, “Content Is King!” and having content rich pages/posts on your website is the fastest way to get your website ranking.

We have actually lost clients in the past that went to another company because they believed the other companies SEO efforts would work better. Would you believe that in both cases we’ve experienced that the other SEO company actually removed pages from the clients website vs. adding more content. We have had that happen twice and both times the client ended up leaving the other company and to come back to us. Both times the clients came back and said “We just want to be where we were at before we left”. They realize how much business they actually lost by trusting the wrong company with their website and realized how much business we were actually pushing to them after they lost. “You never know what your missing until it’s gone

However, most SEO companies either 1. Don’t know which content to create or 2. They just don’t want to do it. In either case, this is a huge mistake because you can build as many listing and backlinks as you want, but without quality content on your local product or service pages, you will never rank highly on Google and you won’t see more sales to your products or services.

1 Man Band

95% of people who start an SEO business are a 1 man band performing SEO out of there basement or home office. Most start learning about SEO because it is a job that you can do from home. Here at WebTechs.Net, we know that having a team with different sets of skills that complement each other, is the only way to provide local SEO services that work!

In the SEO field you need to know (or have a team that knows) programming, website design, hosting, content writing, mobile friendly web design, and more. There are tons of skill sets that are needed to do SEO the right way and a 1 man band could never master all of those individual skills, and still be great at all of them. WebTechs has a whole team of designers, programmers, content writers and more to ensure we all master our individual skills and provide the best SEO services possible. Our team has over 50+ years of SEO & Web Design experience! Our company has been in business since 1997!

Most SEO Companies IN Phoenix Make False Claims or Give Unrealistic Expectations

If an SEO company makes any of the following statements you should run fast:

They tell you they will get you in the top 3 spots within 6 months or less with a brand new website.

It’s not even close to possible to get a brand new site ranking within the top 3 spots on Google unless it is a super niche business. That might be possible if you have an existing website with rankings already but if your niche is really competitive it is unlikely. We usually tell people to not expect anything super lucrative until a year or so in the game.

They tell you they can’t share with you what they are doing to get your website ranking

If they won’t share their strategies with you they are probably hiding something or not doing the work. Furthermore, if they won’t provide ranking reports you won’t be able to tell if what they are doing is working or not. But, don’t be fooled by SEO companies tracking “easy-to-rank” keywords like your business name or something that would happen automatically. It’s super easy to rank for your business name and you should never take that as a sign that your SEO is working.

Make sure the keyword(s) that your SEO company selects are popular words that are commonly typed in by potential customers in your area. The only way to know for sure is to ask another SEO company or do the research yourself using Google Keyword Planner. Just pop different keywords in that you think potential customers would be searching for when looking for products or services like the ones you offer.

Most of the time, the most popular keywords that people are searching for are ones that include the kind of product or service you offer and the city. For example: If you are a lawyer in Phoenix, your keywords would most likely be “lawyer phoenix”. Those are the kind of keywords that actually bring new traffic/leads to your business website.

They Tell You They Will Get Reviews For You

I know it would be easy if you just paid your SEO company to find people to leave fake reviews for you but this should never be your focus if you want to have a real positive reputation online. If the company is willing to be this devious, you can only imagine what they are doing while you are not looking. We would never post fake reviews for clients as it could get them and us in trouble if Google were to ever find out.

Most of the time Google’s algorithm can spot fake reviews and won’t even allow them to be posted on your listing. Your SEO company should be solely focused on content marketing and getting you new leads. Focus your time on servicing those leads, making customers happy and asking for positive reviews. It only takes about a minute of your time and means the world to other potential customers thinking about buying your products or services and helps increase your ranking in Google Maps.

Other Commonly Asked Questions By Potential SEO Customers

Does SEO work?

Yes it does as long as the SEO company performing the services knows what they are doing. Ask for case studies or proof of other client’s rankings if you aren’t sure who to trust.

What do SEO companies do to my website to increase my rankings? Most SEO companies will tell you that NAP listings, backlinks and content are what makes your site rank. That is true but Content should be the #1 focus for anyone who wants strong-continual rankings that don’t go away as soon as one of Google’s algorithim penalties hit. The sites we manage for SEO almost never see a dip in traffic due to an algorithm update because we are producing content we know Google wants to see. They want to understand your products and services as much as possible to give you a strong ranking. If your internet marketing company confuses Google’s algorithm the wrong titles or thin content, it will be hard for Google to give you a strong ranking.

Which SEO companies can I trust with my website?

The best way to find out about an SEO company is to look up their reviews. For example, find an SEO company you are interested in and type in “Company Name Reviews”. If you were looking up our company you would type in “ Reviews” and see nothing but 5 star ratings on Google. Our services actually work and our clients are more than happy to give us a review when we request one. We usually wait at least a year before asking a client to leave a review.

How long does it take before I start getting more calls or leads?

If you have a niche business it is a chance that you could get calls right away. Although, most people start seeing increasing in leads and calls right around the 6 month mark. We are not saying you will rank in the top 3 spots for all of your keywords but you should be getting calls and leads by that time if your business has a regular amount of competition. However, if you are a plumber, AC repair contractor or another highly competitive business in Phoenix, you can’t expect to see calls or leads for up to a year. The competition out here is fierce but not unbeatable. We have tons of high competition clients on our books and some have been with us for over 12 years.

I already hired an SEO company in Phoenix, why I am not getting more calls or leads?

If you are only paying around $300 or so for SEO services, your account is most likely on autopilot. Companies like Yodle will offer cheap SEO services but only build and optimize your Google listing in hopes that alone will increase your sales. However, this never works; we get SEO clients from Yodle, DEX and others all the time because what they can’t deliver on what they promise. Our company actually does the hard work to make sure the account becomes successful. Your website’s content should be your number 1 focus if you want to rank highly on Google. So many companies try to find a way around  building content but there is no way around it and Google is starting to penalize a ton of old black-hat or gray-hat SEO tactics internet marketers use back in the day.

Why is another SEO company in Phoenix telling me I am not ranking?

We get questions like this from our current SEO customers. It’s actually mind blowing but our SEO company even gets calls telling us we are not ranking in the top 3 spots in Google and are losing out on a ton of business lol. They will actually go as far to tell us that they work for Google when we are in constant touch with the Google My Business team and know that “No SEO Company” works for Google. Furthermore, Google does not make outbound solicitation phone calls. So if you ever get a call from a company saying that they work for Google, run fast!


Hiring an SEO company in Phoenix can be one of the biggest headaches you can have as a local business owner. Do your best to research reviews about potential companies and ask for a free SEO consultation in their office. If they won’t allow you to come to their office there’s a great chance they don’t have one or don’t even have the time for you or your business. WebTechs.Net always offers free SEO consultations for you to understand more about our SEO services and meet our awesome team of web designers, programmers, content writers and SEO experts.

Schedule A Free SEO Consultation With WebTechs.Net Today!

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Submit A Guest Post Webtechs Is Now Accepting Guest Posts
Written by webtechs

Submit A Guest Post | WebTechs.Net Is Accepting Guest Posts

If you are Googling phrases like “guest posts wanted“, “submit a guest post” or “accepting guest posts”, while looking for guest blogging opportunities, WebTechs.Net can help!

We just started offering guest posting opportunities on our WebTechs.Net domain. Please contact for details. But the short answer to your question is Yes! We absolutely do accept guest posts from other writers and will add a do-follow backlink to your website as long as you follow our simple guidelines outlined below.

We Accept Guest Post About The Following Topics/Categories:

If the content you create doesn’t fall under one of these categories, we unfortunately cannot accept your guest post. Here are the categories/topics we are accepting guest posts for:

  • SEO, SEM
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search & Display Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Local Listings
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Web Traffic
  • Adsense, PPC
  • WordPress
  • Website Builders & Other CMS
  • Web Programming
  • Business Tips

How Do I Submit A Guest Post? Submission Guidelines

Here are the submission guidelines for how to submit a guest post to WebTechs.Net:

Step 1. Pick a Title or Keyword That Has Traffic Potential

You want to pick a title, topic or keyword that has traffic potential, meaning it gets searched by real people and there are analytics to prove it. Use Google’s Keyword planner if your not sure about keyword selection. You can type in different words in Googles Keyword Planner to find out which phrases users are typing in the most.

For example: The keyword phrase I chose for this post was “Submit a Guest Post” and that’s because it gets searched 1900 times a month. I found that information out by using Google’s Keyword planner. (Learn how to use Google Keyword Planner in this video)

Step 2. Keep In Original

Your post must be original and can’t be published anywhere else online. We will be checking for plagirism and to see if the content you present to us is anywhere else on the web.

Step 3. Make Your Post At Least 800 Words

You post/article needs be at least 800 words long or more for us to accept your guest post. But if you really want to knock our socks off, make sure your post/article is 1500 words. Studies have shown that longer posts that are at least 1500 words or longer take over the first position more often.

Step 4. Complete Your Article Before Sending

Send your completed article in a word doc or Google doc to my email listed below. Please don’t email ideas, just completed articles.

Step 5. Email Me With Your Guest Post

Email Erick@WebTechs.Net with your:

  • Completed article
  • 800 words of text
  • Traffic estimate for the keyword phrase you chose in Google Keyword Planner
  • Short summary of why this post will be helpful
  • Short biography of yourself if you would like to be mentioned as an author in the post

Step 6. Wait For My Reply To Your Email

We will let you know within 2-3 days if your post/article has been accepted or not. If you don’t get accepted, I will let you know why and give you a chance to resubmit with the same post or a new idea.

What Happens If My Guest Post Gets Accepted?

If you post is accepted, we will post it to our website’s blog within 7 days and then send you a confirmation email with a link to the post.

Disclaimer – If your guest post gets accepted, you agree that WebTechs.Net and team can edit your post as we see fit, including adding more content or value to increase the web traffic or ranking potential.

Our web company has been in business since 1997 and have a great reputation for delivering SEO services for businesses of all sizes. We have a client list of over 300 sites and growing. You can see our web stats listed below to see if our site is worth posting to. DA 40+ sites are great to get backlinks from.

WebTechs.Net Age, Domain Authority (DA) & Other Stats

  • Site Name: WebTechs.Net
  • Website Age: 18 Years Old
  • Website Domain Authority: DA 39-41
  • Website Backlinks: 6.87k (as of 1/30/2018)
  • Ahrefs Rank: 106,322