How To Take Excellent Product Photos With iPhone and Android
Written by Nielson B.

How To Take Excellent Product Photos With iPhone & Android

We all know that excellent product photos entice us as shoppers to take action.  The same is true for people searching for your product or service.  You might feel like you don’t have the time to take product photos with your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

It can be fast and easy to take an extra couple of minutes after you finish a job to get excellent product photos to share on your site, social media, and Google listing.

In this guide we’ll show you how to take excellent product photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How To Take Product Photos With iPhone & Android

It’s easy to take excellent product photos with your iPhone or android mobile phone.  You put your best foot forward with each and every job you do.  Whatever line of work you’re in from ornamental iron worker to plumbers taking pictures of your completed work is important.  You can provide the best craftsmanship and service but search engines and potential customers will never know unless there’s photos of your work!

It’s easier than you might believe:

Cleaning The Product

While you may have just finished the installation there might be fingerprints, tape, or other blemishes.  You likely do this already, but a second look before you take your product photos ensures you get the best result.

Clean Your Work Area

Make sure you’ve cleaned up your installation, so it looks its best and any trash around the work area is removed.  Put away your tool as well to tell the story of how great your service is going to look.

Enough Light

One simple key to taking great photos is ensuring that your newly install countertop or finished hair color service is flattered with enough light.  When you’re indoors it’s all too easy for photos to be underexposed.  Provide enough light when taking your photo so that the photo turns out great!

Don’t Backlight

One big mistake is taking photos too near windows and having your smartphone measure the exposure by the brightness outdoors.  This will leave your work dim and harder to see.  Ensure that you center the frame on the item indoors you’re taking a photo of and your light metering will be much better.

Framing & Composition

While it’s tempting to get super close to what you’re photographing give your work some space to breathe.  Show your work with it’s surroundings and allow potential clients to imagine your work in their spaces.  If necessary you can crop down to just your installation. But likely can’t show back up at your customer’s home to take more photos.

Take Photos From Varied Perspectives

Show the different surfaces, sides, and perspectives of the work you do.  The more angles your work can be seen from the more potential clients can imagine your work in their life.

Before & After Photo Taking

Whether you’re a remodeling company, hair stylist, plumber, roofer, or other service you likely improve the appearance of someone or property with your work.

Seeing the transformation is powerful!

Take the photo from the same spot.  It can’t be overstressed to choose a spot to take both the before and after photos from.  The same spot and angle to make it easy to see how much of a difference your service has made in a space. Plan out in advance what perspective is going to tell that story best and make sure to take the after photo in exactly the same spot, facing the same direction.

Smartphone Photo Editing Software

If your photo was a little too dark, crooked, discolored, or you want to crop in to emphasize an element of your work there’s great photo editing software for smartphones.  You’ll be able to adjust things like brightness, contrast, straighten photos, fix yellowed lighting, and much more.

Mobile Photoshop Lightroom

If you want ultimate editing control you can shoot your photos in a file format called RAW.   This will allow you to adjust elements of your photo in Photoshop Lightroom with incredible control.  Best of all this is a free program that can save many photos that you’re not super proud of having taken.

Snapseed Photo Editor

Snapseed is an incredible smartphone photo editing software.  It will allow you to correct white balance (remove yellow light), increase or decrease light, and adjust things like contrast, crooked photos, crop out sections, heal sections, and add effects like blurs and more!

What Do I Do With Product Photos?

No one is going to see the product photos if they’re just on your phone.  They need to be uploaded to your Google listing and sent to your SEO specialists.  The photos need to be utilized to create greater excitement around your work.  When potential clients can see the stunning work you’ve done they will being to imagine your services in their lives.  This is the first step in transforming a browser into a buyer.

Local SEO Services

If you don’t know how to leverage great images of your work to promote your business online, or don’t have the time, we are here to help!  We welcome you to learn more about our web design, hosting, and local SEO services that will help you rank in search results, get found, and get more business!  To learn more about our SEO services please call us today!

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