Ingredients For Optimizing Every Web PAge
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Ingredients to Optimizing Every Web Page

Websites are considered an excellent source of lead generation in the current digitalized world. With the help of useful sites businesses can provide prospects with all that they are looking for online. Most websites are filled with high-quality content that includes reviews, tutorials, videos, product descriptions and much more. However, many content marketers fail to understand the importance of less-visited pages like help and about us pages.

It’s true that these pages receive the least number of visitors, but you still need to optimize these pages as well. These pages are also filled with valuable and useful content so you can target readers with attractive CTA’s. If you maintain a habit of adding your keywords on these pages, they will also rank, and you’ll have higher chances of generating a lead even from less-visited web pages.

Note: Regardless of the traffic on a particular page, all of them need to have target keywords and eye-catchy CTAs.

Keyword Focused Content

Many ecommerce business owners often miss out on using SEO lead generation techniques in their marketing strategy. To be precise, SEO for B2B and B2C is not an add-on, it’s actually a crucial aspect for organic lead generation.

You can’t expect to see a rise in your online sales until you increase SEO traffic. SEO should be at the core of how you implement other digital marketing techniques like content production, social strategy and web development.

If you aren’t entirely familiar with what SEO does, then I’d like to make it clear that this digital marketing strategy helps merely your web pages reach the top of every search related to your targeted keywords. When you have ranked anywhere on the first page, your click-through rate has a better chance of rising.

Keywords are your ticket to getting ranked on major search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, all your web pages need to focus on a primary keyword that you want people to search your page with. There are two types of keywords you can use for a webpage.

· Traditional SEO

Traditional keywords are common phrases and words people use to search a website or a particular product. E.g. ‘cheap sports shoes’ or ‘best place to go for a vacation.’ Such phrases will show many sites that have almost the same information, but the ones that you see on top are ranked due to the quality of their content.

· Branded Keywords

These keywords refer only to a particular company’s product or a specific brand. E.g., Nike Shoes or ‘Puma Sports Gear.’ These keywords are usually only used by businesses that sell these products. Apart from that, it’s easier to look for the exact product you want with branded keywords. You can use these keywords for about and help pages as they’ll be easier to place.

Lead Generators and CTA’s

· Email Captures

A great way to generate leads is by asking readers to subscribe by providing their email addresses. You can use these IDs to promote your products and also inform your readers about new and upcoming offers. Add an attractive popup on all web pages that ask the reader to subscribe.

You can also offer something in return for subscribing, like a special discount or free tutorials and demo videos that convince your reader to purchase your goods or services.

· CTA at the End of Every Web page

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are highly crucial for conversions to take place. Even if you succeed in getting many leads to your website, you still may not be able to increase your rate of conversion due to lack of call-to-actions. Use a unique text and color for your CTA and make sure it is added to every web page of your site.

· Keep it Simple and Modest

One thing that you should always keep in mind is to maintain the level of readability of your content. You wouldn’t want readers scratching their head on every technical point you have written. Therefore create content in a simple, modest and understandable manner.

· Refrain From Spammy Content

One thing that’ll definitely scare off visitors from your website is content that looks spammy. There’s a limit to everything, and that also includes promoting your products. If you merely ask the readers to buy your product after every paragraph, they may not even take the time to read or go through the whole page and bounce off to a competitor’s site.

Lead generators and CTAs should be strategically placed in places where you’d expect it to be. Try to think as a reader, and you’ll understand how not to make it look obvious that all you care about is making a sale.

About Page

Though it’s a low-visited page, it can be called the background of your whole website. Usually, visitors who appreciate your work open the About Us page to learn more about the writer or the company. You can use this page to interact with visitors by introducing your business, sharing past milestones and showing them your business objectives.

You can also add a contact form or a CTA. This will help potential customers to easily convert or reach out to you without going to other pages. You can even ask the reader to subscribe by providing their email address, which can be used to provide updates and latest offers.

Help Page

Help pages are created to provide visitors with any sorts of assistance they may need. However, if you want your help page to perform up to the mark, you should add FAQs and tutorials in it. You can even add a CTA on this page as the chances are that many consumers will click a try now or buy now button out of satisfaction for your informative and helpful content. To enhance the value of this page, you can also produce how-tos. Both Google and your audience appreciate this type of content. However, make sure that the content you offer is both relevant and authentic.

Under Construction/404

Just because your website is going through a renovation process or a new one is being developed, it doesn’t mean you can’t still use it to generate leads. You should inform your customers that the site is under construction and make them realize that you are sorry for the inconvenience with 404 pages. In addition, a ‘subscribe now’ CTA on that page will build a good contact list for you and create hype for the new website.  However, once your site is live, you need to make sure that you tell all your subscribers via email that you are back in action.

Apart from that, you can also use social platforms to inform and invite all your potential prospects regarding your next and improved look.  While doing that, engage with your visitors by asking for feedback related to your new features, website design or anything else relevant.

Keep It Simple

Many websites use the 2-step and 3-step pop up feature to capture leads. Though the 3-step popup generates a higher rate of engagement, the 2-step still leads to more conversions. The reason is that you can never be annoying to your visitors. The more steps or pages potential clients have to see, the more frustrated they’ll get. Before making such a decision, you should always put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Imagine how you’d feel if you had to go through annoying pop ups that require several clicks to reach any conclusion. Therefore, keep it short, keep it simple and don’t waste their time.

Wrap Up

Websites are excellent lead generators, but many content marketers and business owners fail to utilize this opportunity by making it too apparent that all they care about is conversions. When visitors land on your site you need to try and win their trust and interest first. Once you have that, they’ll inevitably become a lead and share your useful and interesting content within their circle.

All pages of a website are crucial, and you need to make sure you optimize all of them with keywords and attractive CTAs. However, this isn’t a one-off shot. Once you are done optimizing your web pages, you need to maintain them as well. You should check all the content on your site every once in a while to make sure it’s updated. In addition, slight changes in design and colors also make our website look fresh, and this habit will also reduce the risk of users getting bored of seeing the same old style every day.

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