Why Most SEO Companies In Phoenix Suck
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Why Most SEO Companies In Phoenix Suck!

If you are searching for phrases like “SEO Company Phoenix” or “SEO Companies Phoenix”; one or more of the following statements is probably true about you or your business:

  • You are a business owner offering products or services in Phoenix, Arizona or surrounding cities
  • You own a website (or know you need one)
  • You want more traffic to your website (if you have one already) and heard that SEO or Search Engine Optimization can get you there
  • You want more qualified leads coming from online marketing efforts
  • You want to increase sales to your products and services
  • You want to be found for specific keywords related to your industry and service area
  • You want to increase your service area to include new cities in surrounding areas
  • You hired another SEO company that didn’t work out and now are looking for SEO services that actually work
  • or You want someone to manage your online presence so you can continue business as usual

If any of the above statements are true, then yes, a SEO company in Phoenix can definitely help you get that accomplished! However, you should know that NOT all SEO companies in Phoenix are created equal.

Why Most SEO Services In Phoenix Suck!

We are sorry to be so blunt about it but the statement is true. Our team here at WebTechs.Net truly loves to business owners win with online marketing and when we hear horror stories about other SEO companies in our neighborhood area giving SEO a bad name it doesn’t make us happy. We are in the business of offering SEO services that work and a lot of the time we get scared clients that left another SEO company to come to us for a consultation. Often these business owners experienced bad SEO and now are not sure whether it works and what SEO company to trust.

However, once we help the client understand why their SEO wasn’t working (only takes a little research to find missed and potential opportunities) and had time to implement our own strategies we rarely lose those clients because we fix the problem and implement content strategies and solutions that actually work!

Read more below about why most SEO services or companies don’t work out:

Most SEO’ers are Lazy

Most SEO companies will try their hardest to get your account but don’t do a whole lot once they get it. Most will create you a business listing, change the titles of your web pages and then put your account on autopilot. For some niche businesses this “set it and forget it” strategy actually works (believe it or not), especially if the business owner had no previous online exposure. However, for plumbers, lawyers, AC contractors or any other types of businesses that actually has competition, that same set it and forget strategy will get you nowhere fast. Most business categories in the Phoenix, Arizona area are extremely competitive and take a whole lot more than a single business listing to get rankings, and more importantly, keep them.

Don’t Add Or Create New Content

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see other companies making all the time. Every SEO’er should know, “Content Is King!” and having content rich pages/posts on your website is the fastest way to get your website ranking.

We have actually lost clients in the past that went to another company because they believed the other companies SEO efforts would work better. Would you believe that in both cases we’ve experienced that the other SEO company actually removed pages from the clients website vs. adding more content. We have had that happen twice and both times the client ended up leaving the other company and to come back to us. Both times the clients came back and said “We just want to be where we were at before we left”. They realize how much business they actually lost by trusting the wrong company with their website and realized how much business we were actually pushing to them after they lost. “You never know what your missing until it’s gone

However, most SEO companies either 1. Don’t know which content to create or 2. They just don’t want to do it. In either case, this is a huge mistake because you can build as many listing and backlinks as you want, but without quality content on your local product or service pages, you will never rank highly on Google and you won’t see more sales to your products or services.

1 Man Band

95% of people who start an SEO business are a 1 man band performing SEO out of there basement or home office. Most start learning about SEO because it is a job that you can do from home. Here at WebTechs.Net, we know that having a team with different sets of skills that complement each other, is the only way to provide local SEO services that work!

In the SEO field you need to know (or have a team that knows) programming, website design, hosting, content writing, mobile friendly web design, and more. There are tons of skill sets that are needed to do SEO the right way and a 1 man band could never master all of those individual skills, and still be great at all of them. WebTechs has a whole team of designers, programmers, content writers and more to ensure we all master our individual skills and provide the best SEO services possible. Our team has over 50+ years of SEO & Web Design experience! Our company has been in business since 1997!

Most SEO Companies IN Phoenix Make False Claims or Give Unrealistic Expectations

If an SEO company makes any of the following statements you should run fast:

They tell you they will get you in the top 3 spots within 6 months or less with a brand new website.

It’s not even close to possible to get a brand new site ranking within the top 3 spots on Google unless it is a super niche business. That might be possible if you have an existing website with rankings already but if your niche is really competitive it is unlikely. We usually tell people to not expect anything super lucrative until a year or so in the game.

They tell you they can’t share with you what they are doing to get your website ranking

If they won’t share their strategies with you they are probably hiding something or not doing the work. Furthermore, if they won’t provide ranking reports you won’t be able to tell if what they are doing is working or not. But, don’t be fooled by SEO companies tracking “easy-to-rank” keywords like your business name or something that would happen automatically. It’s super easy to rank for your business name and you should never take that as a sign that your SEO is working.

Make sure the keyword(s) that your SEO company selects are popular words that are commonly typed in by potential customers in your area. The only way to know for sure is to ask another SEO company or do the research yourself using Google Keyword Planner. Just pop different keywords in that you think potential customers would be searching for when looking for products or services like the ones you offer.

Most of the time, the most popular keywords that people are searching for are ones that include the kind of product or service you offer and the city. For example: If you are a lawyer in Phoenix, your keywords would most likely be “lawyer phoenix”. Those are the kind of keywords that actually bring new traffic/leads to your business website.

They Tell You They Will Get Reviews For You

I know it would be easy if you just paid your SEO company to find people to leave fake reviews for you but this should never be your focus if you want to have a real positive reputation online. If the company is willing to be this devious, you can only imagine what they are doing while you are not looking. We would never post fake reviews for clients as it could get them and us in trouble if Google were to ever find out.

Most of the time Google’s algorithm can spot fake reviews and won’t even allow them to be posted on your listing. Your SEO company should be solely focused on content marketing and getting you new leads. Focus your time on servicing those leads, making customers happy and asking for positive reviews. It only takes about a minute of your time and means the world to other potential customers thinking about buying your products or services and helps increase your ranking in Google Maps.

Other Commonly Asked Questions By Potential SEO Customers

Does SEO work?

Yes it does as long as the SEO company performing the services knows what they are doing. Ask for case studies or proof of other client’s rankings if you aren’t sure who to trust.

What do SEO companies do to my website to increase my rankings? Most SEO companies will tell you that NAP listings, backlinks and content are what makes your site rank. That is true but Content should be the #1 focus for anyone who wants strong-continual rankings that don’t go away as soon as one of Google’s algorithim penalties hit. The sites we manage for SEO almost never see a dip in traffic due to an algorithm update because we are producing content we know Google wants to see. They want to understand your products and services as much as possible to give you a strong ranking. If your internet marketing company confuses Google’s algorithm the wrong titles or thin content, it will be hard for Google to give you a strong ranking.

Which SEO companies can I trust with my website?

The best way to find out about an SEO company is to look up their reviews. For example, find an SEO company you are interested in and type in “Company Name Reviews”. If you were looking up our company you would type in “Webtechs.net Reviews” and see nothing but 5 star ratings on Google. Our services actually work and our clients are more than happy to give us a review when we request one. We usually wait at least a year before asking a client to leave a review.

How long does it take before I start getting more calls or leads?

If you have a niche business it is a chance that you could get calls right away. Although, most people start seeing increasing in leads and calls right around the 6 month mark. We are not saying you will rank in the top 3 spots for all of your keywords but you should be getting calls and leads by that time if your business has a regular amount of competition. However, if you are a plumber, AC repair contractor or another highly competitive business in Phoenix, you can’t expect to see calls or leads for up to a year. The competition out here is fierce but not unbeatable. We have tons of high competition clients on our books and some have been with us for over 12 years.

I already hired an SEO company in Phoenix, why I am not getting more calls or leads?

If you are only paying around $300 or so for SEO services, your account is most likely on autopilot. Companies like Yodle will offer cheap SEO services but only build and optimize your Google listing in hopes that alone will increase your sales. However, this never works; we get SEO clients from Yodle, DEX and others all the time because what they can’t deliver on what they promise. Our company actually does the hard work to make sure the account becomes successful. Your website’s content should be your number 1 focus if you want to rank highly on Google. So many companies try to find a way around  building content but there is no way around it and Google is starting to penalize a ton of old black-hat or gray-hat SEO tactics internet marketers use back in the day.

Why is another SEO company in Phoenix telling me I am not ranking?

We get questions like this from our current SEO customers. It’s actually mind blowing but our SEO company even gets calls telling us we are not ranking in the top 3 spots in Google and are losing out on a ton of business lol. They will actually go as far to tell us that they work for Google when we are in constant touch with the Google My Business team and know that “No SEO Company” works for Google. Furthermore, Google does not make outbound solicitation phone calls. So if you ever get a call from a company saying that they work for Google, run fast!


Hiring an SEO company in Phoenix can be one of the biggest headaches you can have as a local business owner. Do your best to research reviews about potential companies and ask for a free SEO consultation in their office. If they won’t allow you to come to their office there’s a great chance they don’t have one or don’t even have the time for you or your business. WebTechs.Net always offers free SEO consultations for you to understand more about our SEO services and meet our awesome team of web designers, programmers, content writers and SEO experts.

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SEO For Personal Injury Attorneys In Phoenix
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SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers & Attorneys In Phoenix

If you are searching for SEO for personal injury attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona, WebTechs.Net can help! We provide SEO for lawyers and attorneys all over the Phoenix, Valley, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler or anywhere else.

Get More Leads To Your Firm With Professional SEO Services

Google is the dominating force when it comes to local search. Users in Phoenix, Arizona are searching for personal injury lawyers over 1,600 times per month. Now, there are 2 ways to score these new customers, either with Pay Per Click services or organic Search Engine Optimization.

Pay Per Click Is The Quickest Way

Pay per click advertising for your personal injury firm can get you listed at the top of Google instantly. Although, some advertisers are paying up to $123 a click with no guarantee that it is a potential customer typing in that search or a competitor waiting to click on your ad to try to run out your ad budget. We like PPC but feel it has too many moving parts and too many ways for you to lose money by due to worthless clicks. We always suggest organic SEO for personal injury firms because you don’t have to pay for every click.

Organic SEO Is The Most Affordable Way

Organic SEO services for personal injury lawyers is the most affordable way to get new leads. Furthermore, organic SEO is better than PPC because your rankings stay there without continuing to pay. As soon as you stop paying for PPC, you are no longer visible. Organic SEO ensures that you keep your rankings (as long as another competitor doesn’t come along with better SEO). Simply sign up for a package that contains everything you need to rank well online and gain new leads to your law firm.

Why Should I Let WebTechs.Net Manage My Law Firm’s Local SEO

WebTechs.Net has experience in local law firm SEO and knows what it takes to get you ranking highly on Google! Furthermore, video is becoming more popular as time moves on and experts predict that nearly 90% of the internet will be video by 2021. WebTechs.Net offers professional video services to help you and your company stand out from the competition with high quality video.

We Have A Great Reputation In The Phoenix Area

We work with 100’s of SEO customers around the valley, have 5 star reviews across the board for our SEO services and have been in business since 1997. We’re not going anywhere and have a nice office right here in Scottsdale where you can come sit down (no we are not a 1 man band, we have an entire team of experts), meet the team and discuss how we can get your firm ranking higher so that you can gain new leads and increase your profitability.

Know Where You Are Ranking At All Times!

Our state-of-the-art ranking report software stays up to date weekly and can be accessed via a link that will take you to your view your current rankings, Google analytics and more. See how you stack up compared to the competition, how many NAP listings you have and more.

SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers Case Studies

Increase discovery of your personal injury law firm

Organic Search Engine Discovery For Your Business

Increase searches on organic search and maps listing for your personal injury law firm

Search Engine Listings On Organic Search & Maps

Increase website clicks and driving directions to your personal injury law firm

Customer Actions On Google My Business Listing

Increase calls to your personal injury law firm

Increase Phone Calls To Your Personal Injury Firm

Increase rankings and organic keywords for your personal injury law firm

Increase Rankings For Personal Injury Lawyers In Phoenix

Build back links to your personal injury law firm

Increase Backlinks For Personal Injury Firms

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SEO For Tree Service Companies
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SEO For Tree Service Companies

If your googling phrases related to SEO for tree service companies, this post is going to help you out a ton!

The key to ranking your tree service website is building out you pages with informational content about your services. Most tree companies offer a range of services including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal and others. Furthermore, depending on where you live in the US, people might also be searching for specific types of tree removals. For example, Arizona has a lot of palm trees that grow out of control and people like to get these removed. Most often, these people are typing a phrase like “palm tree removal phoenix”. This phrase brings up ads, Google business listings and organic google listings.

Your Google Business Listing & Organic Search Should Be Your Main Focus

Stay away from the ad section otherwise you will end up paying for every click you ever receive to your website. The goal for this post is to get you ranking highly in the business listings and organic search so you can begin to receive clicks without having to pay for them. The first step ranking highly on Google in general is by building out your home page and individual pages on your website with content and information about your services.

Build Out Your Tree Service Pages With Information Content

Start with your top 3 services that are going to put money in your pocket the quickest. *Insider tip – I’ve personally been performing SEO for tree service companies for 3 years and noticed that “stump grinding” is by far the most searched keyword for a tree company. With that being said, start out by putting content and adding keywords to your stump grinding page.

Find The Right Keyword For Your City

Finding your keyword for your city is as easy as filling in the blank here “stump grinding ______” insert your city in the underlined area. If you live in Austin, Texas, your keyword would be “stump grinding Austin”. The best keyword (with any tree service) is most often the exact service name of the service and your city name (for example: “tree service phoenix”, “tree trimming phoenix” etc). Although, “near me” keywords are becoming very popular as most Google users know Google knows their GEO location and gives them the closest results when using a keyword like that. So keep in mind, users might also be search “stump grinding near me”.

What content should include on your stump grinding page?

At the minimum you should at least have an intro, your company name, address and phone number should be listed on your page. However, only listing that information isn’t going to get you very far in the search engines. You are going to need at least 700 words on content or more to even have a chance at ranking against your competitors; especially if you’re doing SEO on a new site.

Creating the right Intro

Address the reason why users might be making it to your page right away. This also helps Google understand exactly why you created this page. Just like in an essay, you would like your main topic (h1 in the case or title of your page) and 3 supporting ideas (h2’s or subtopics in this case). I like to make my intros like this: “If you are searching for stump grinding in Phoenix, our tree company can help! We offer residential and commercial stump grinding and removal services to the entire Phoenix Valley. Give us a call today for a free tree service quote by calling (111) 111-1111. Make a cool click to call link by selecting your link tool and ad this tel:+1 then your phone number and it will create a link mobile users can use to click to call you.

Ideas for Content Creation

People want to know why they need their tree stump removed. Add your first header and title it something like “why you need your stump removed or grinded”. Any arborist would know that a leftover tree stump will eventually attract pests and can be a safety risk. Write content about the specific pests that could infest the tree stump and talk about the safety risks.

Another header could be your stump grinding process. List out all of the steps you take before and after the stump removal and list them as number bullet points. Make your header titles h2 tags. If you are using WordPress, just hit that tab that says paragraph and switch the heading to an h2.

Add a couple more h2’s on the page with even more information content. Maybe even create a short bullet point list of the “advantages of removing your stump” or “stump removal benefits”.


Thank the users for visiting your site and restate your overall reason for the page again. For example: Thank you for visiting our website. Remember you can get a free stump removal quote by giving our tree company a call today at (111) 111-1111 or by filling our quick estimate form here. Make a link to your contact page on the here word.

Repeat This Process With Your Other Pages

Repeat this same process with every service you offer. The more information you list about your services, the higher you will rank. The more words that are on your page, the better Google can understand what your page is about.

Just don’t make the mistake of stealing other people’s content and posting it on your own site. That’s duplicate content and Google won’t rank it. You will be wasting your time. If you do take ideas from other businesses content, make sure and rewrite it to be unique. Change up every couple of words or flip the words around completely. Make sure and use a plagiarism detector to ensure you’re not duplicating content.

Create Exact Match SEO Titles

You want your SEO title or Meta Title of the page needs to be as close to the exact keyword phrase as possible. Let’s say I am creating a title for the stump grinding page and the customer does business in Phoenix; I would make my title look like this – “Stump Grinding Phoenix – Tree Company Name”. I put my exact keyword phrase at the beginning and the company name at the end.

Erick Knows Tree Service SEO & Can Help You Dominate

I have personally been performing SEO services for tree service companies for over 4 years now and have the knowledge and analytics necessary to take your tree company to the top. No matter what city you live in, no city is more competitive than Phoenix. We have 1,000’s of rankings for tree service keywords and currently work with 4 tree service companies in the Arizona area. We are willing to take clients from any city or any state. This stuff works and we have the analytics to prove it. One of our tree companies has been with our company for 7+ years. WebTechs.Net is a 20 year old web company located in Scottsdale, Arizona offering high quality web design, SEO services and more for small, med or large businesses.

SEO Case Studies
Written by webtechs

SEO Case Studies

Here we list SEO case studies for clients of WebTechs.Net

Cabinetry & Wood Working SEO Case Studies


Date: 1/18/2018

Cabinetdoors SEO Case Studies

The Problem

Cabinetdoors.com came to with about 10,000 clicks per month. They wanted to increase their traffic and sales for the cabinet manufacturing website.

The Solution

We started out by inspecting what was already working. He had a couple of pages that were already getting traffic so we added more content to those pages, made better titles and calls to action as well as optimized for the “specific” keywords that we noticed were getting searched. We also added new blog posts that were very relevant to the client’s site to increase traffic and build internal links to his most important pages.

Cabinetdoors Traffic Increases

The Results

In just the last 90 days alone, Cabinetdoors.com traffic has increased from 800 clicks in a single day to over 1,469 clicks in a single day. They went from around 10,000 clicks per month to around 28,000 clicks per month. Cabinetdoors.com was selling around $50,000 worth of Cabinet doors and is now just over $100,000 in sales in a little over 9 months after signing up for SEO services at WebTechs.Net. If you were to compare these numbers with how much he would of paid for Pay per click on Google Adwords, just the clicks on “kitchen cabinet doors” would of cost him $13,351. As you can see below, According to Ahrefs, his traffic value is estimate around $66,500 per month, and we were able to achieve these numbers without a single dollar spent on Adwords.

SEO PPC Case Studies


Date: 1/18/2018

Cabinetdoor SEO Case Studies

The Problem

After the success of Cabinetdoors.com, our client came back to us wanting to replicate our SEO successes on a second site that was not performing well at all. The site had almost 0 traffic starting out and was basically a duplicate of the Cabinetdoors.com site.

The Solution

The first part of the strategy was rewriting his text pages, product pages and blog posts to be 100% unique. This alone instantly started increasing his traffic right away.

Cabinetdoor Traffic Increases

The Results 

In just 45 days we have already increased his traffic from 0 to 72 clicks a day on Google search. Sales went from 0 a month to over $3,400 from Dec 11 2018 to Jan 11 2018.

SEO PPC Case Studies 2

A/C & HVAC SEO Case Studies


Date: 1/18/2018

Air Conditioning SEO Case Studies

The Problem

AC & Refrigeration Co came to us with low traffic and a few sales on AC Repair and HVAC. He had 0 blog posts and only a couple of pages on his main site that were getting clicked.

The Solution

We started out by focusing on pages that were already getting clicked or had less competition like his refrigeration repair pages. After adding content and optimizing these specific pages. We then began researching and writing relevant blog posts about specific AC, HVAC & Refrigeration problems that homeowners and business owners were experiencing in his area.

AC & Refrigeration Traffic Increases

The Results

His traffic starting increasing from the blog posts first as we expected. Then his less competitive refrigeration keywords took off second which got him in the door to repair walk in coolers and freezers at many different commercial facilities throughout the Phoenix Area. The AC & HVAC service pages took longer to increase as AC & HVAC industry in Phoenix is extremely competitive. As you can see below, According to Ahrefs, his traffic value is estimate around $16,000 per month, and we were able to achieve these numbers without a single dollar spent on Adwords.

SEO PPC Air Conditioning Case Studies

Bathroom Remodeling SEO Case Studies


Bathroom Remodeling SEO Case Studies

The Problem

Allure Baths & Kitchens came to us with nearly 0 traffic starting out and only sales from referrals. He had a website already that was not performing well and bringing him 0 new leads.

The Solution

We check out the competition and noticed they were using far more text, pictures and outbound links then our client was. We started focusing on adding content to the individual product and service pages to his website. We also added more more pictures as photos are very important in the remodeling industry. Customers want to see examples of your work.

Allure Baths & Kitchens Traffic Increases

The Results

Allure Baths & Kitchens is now receiving over 300+ clicks per month for very important keywords for his industry like “bathroom remodeling phoenix” which is his most important keyword. You can see above he has received over 22 clicks for that keyword in the past month alone. If he were paying for Google Adwords PPC, that same traffic would of cost him $237.38. However he is seeing this traffic organically and does not need to keep paying per click to be there. According to Ahrefs, his traffic value is estimate around $951 per month, and we were able to achieve these numbers without a single dollar spent on Adwords. Allure Baths & Kitchens is now receiving enough referral from Local SEO that they even hired an additional crew to handle installations.

SEO PPC Bathroom Remodeling Case Studies

WebTechs.Net Can Help You Increase Traffic & Sales

Our local to national SEO services can help you increase traffic to your product or services pages to increase your local or online sales. Dependending on how competitive your industry is, it could take less time or more time than the above examples. Local business are easier to increase sales and traffic for because there is usually less competition (unlike AC Repair or Plumbing which are more competitive). Although, Cabinetdoors.com is a national account and ranks all over the united states and his traffic took off even fast than the AC repair guy. This is because AC repair is much more competitive than cabinet door manufactures would be.